John Dick Winters is a stand up comedian, comedy producer and storyteller based in Pittsburgh but has performed as far away as just outside of Pittsburgh. He is the founder of Race to the Coffin Comedy and the Burning Bridges Festival, the largest comedy fest in Pennsylvania. Probably. Who knows to be honest? Prove him wrong.

Touring the country on the national independent comedy circuit for nearly a half decade John has worked with countless of incredibly talented comics that no one has ever heard of and a few whose name’s you may actually recognize such as: Aparna Nancherla, Brian Posehn, James Adomian, Sean Patton, Ron Funches, Kyle Kinane, Myq Kaplan, Sara Schaefer, Rory Scovel, Geoff Tate, Kyle Dunnigan, Shane Torres, Graig Gass, Steve Byrne and the late Ralphie May.

JDW is a three time Moth soryslam winner including one GrandSLAM victory, he won the innagural Acrcade Comedy Theater Contest in 2014 and placed 3rd in the Funniest Comic in Pittsburgh contest in 2015, has his own segment on the WDVE Morning Show w/ Randy Baumann and has been part of many comedy festivals such as; The Cleveland Comedy Fest(14,15), The Pittsburgh Comedy Fest(14,15), The Accidental Comedy Fest(14,16), The Cape Fear Comedy Fest(14,15), the Scruffy City Comedy Fest(14), The DVE Comedy Fest(15,16,17) and was just recently accepted to the Memphis Comedy Fest(18). In Novemeber of 2016, three days after trump was elected, John recorded his first hour long comedy special ironically titled “Celebrate the Ugly Things”. It streams for free on YouTube.

His style is part observational, part autobiographical, part mumble. Heavily tattooed, always in black, standing over 6ft tall, John looks intimidating but his comedy is anything but. John Dick Winters will play your bar, your living room, your black box theater, your garage, your comedy club and whoever is in attendance will leave smiling.